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Zakat - Alms - Tithing

With the world becoming darker, experiencing more and more disasters, the task of supporting those most in need becomes more and more difficult - our resolve however, becomes stronger and stronger.

The number of women, children and elderly affected keeps growing and families continue to be destroyed.

AusRelief is committed to working with all Australians to build a better, more sustainable world.

AusRelief is guided by the belief that everyone deserves a chance to improve their lives, despite the circumstances they face. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for those most in need.

We are proud to provide members of the Australian community with the opportunity to direct their charitable contributions toward our ‘Zakatable’ projects.

Indeed, alms giving is a practice preached by most religions of the world to help elevate the poor people from a life of poverty and despair. The practice as preached in the Abrahamic religions is to take a portion of your wealth or income and give it as charity for distribution to the poor. We are continuing this tradition, by collecting your Zakat and distributing it on your behalf.

Zakat funds are used to provide development and sustainable solutions for communities in developing countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, specifically Nigeria, Indonesia, Rohingya Refugees, Cambodia and Lebanon (Syrian and Palestinian refugees). We have established a large global network which helps us identify those most in need and allows us to distribute your contribution quickly and efficiently.

Those who do not adhere to any religious belief, can still support our initiatives and take advantage of our deductible gifts recipient status.