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Yemen Crisis Appeal

Yemen Crisis Appeal

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14 million Yemeni civilians face pre-famine conditions

The United Nations estimates that about 14 million Yemeni civilians are facing pre-famine conditions, which means that they're 100% reliant on external aid for survival.

If insufficient action is taken, the country could be engulfed by unprecedented famine in the next three months. More than two per 10,000 people will die each day, with acute malnutrition in children exceeding 30%.

There are food programs in place, but not nearly enough to feed half of Yemen's starving population. Our mission is to distribute food parcels in the poorest parts of the country where aid is hard to come by.

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A donation of AUD$150 buys:

2 kilograms of beans, 2 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of green lentils, 2 kilograms of sugar, 2 kilograms of flour, 2 kilograms of pasta, 4 kilograms of bulgur, 2 litres of sunflower oil, 700 grams of black olives, 750 ml of shampoo, 300 grams of soap, 500 grams of salt, 350 grams of halwa

The more donations we receive, the more families we can assist in war-torn Yemen. Please support our relief mission by donating now.

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