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Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal

Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

​Who are the Syrian people?

The Syrians are a diverse ethnic and religious people from the Syrian Arab Republic, mainly consisting of Levantine people such as Syrian Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, Arameans, Assyrians and Armenians.

Syrians speak Syrian Arabic as a mother tongue, with Kurdish, Armenian and Turkmen amongst other spoken dialects and languages.

All Syrian ethnic groups have been affected by the war as the Syrian Civil War stemming from the war which has been ongoing since 2011. This war has caused the largest refugee crisis since the WW11 with many refugees traveling travelling to other countries for safety.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Childrens

What is the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Syrian refugees have fled their homes and country seeking protection because of the civil war as of March 2011. Many have been displaced because of civil unrest causing them to flee for their lives.

It is estimated that about 13.5 million Syrian refugees are dispersed throughout the world, and according to the UNHCR, an estimated 4.8 million fleeing to Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.

Syrian refugees are fleeing their homes because of violence, broken infrastructure and displacement as its main cause.

They conflict has also gotten worse with the intervention of foreign military powers with many Syrians having to face daily violence with nowhere to live.

The lack of food, resources and shelter are also a major cause for Syrians fleeing the country with nowhere to go.

Syrian asylum seekers also suffer from malnutrition, manipulation, forced labour, disease and basic amenities to lead functional lives.

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​What you can do to help to Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Syrian refugees require basics to sustain their livelihood. Items such as food, basic healthcare, household and hygiene items are all essential for them to live. Shelter, clean water and sanitation are also important. Children also need education and the opportunity of a happy childhood while adults need employment opportunities.

AusRelief’s efforts in helping the Syrian Refugee Crisis

AusRelief is a not for profit organisation and charity that seeks to help asylum seekers and refugees across the globe.

AusRelief has helped the Syrian refugee crisis by donating food, water, tents, hygiene and medical care and assistance. We have been supporting many of the Syrian refugees namely in neighbouring Lebanon, & Turkey.

Syrian Refugees Ausrelief

We are asking for your help.

Find out what you can do today - every little bit helps.

Your donations will aid the Syrian with food, water, hygiene packs, blankets, tents, medical cards and basic necessities. We aim to give these persecuted people some semblance of a normal life.

To find out more about how you can help the Syrian crisis, contact us for further information.