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Support Her Empowerment

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Support Her Empowerment

What is SHE?

She is an AusRelief campaign dedicated to the empowerment of women in Australia and abroad. Each initiative run under this campaign is designed by women for women.

What does SHE do?

  • Support women's tertiary education in Africa under GIFTED - Girls Identified for Training, Education & Development.
  • Supporting Australian women affected by domestic & family violence through financial literacy education and support services.
  • Supporting women's financial independence through micro-financing projects in South East Asia.
  • Supporting women's health education in the Middle East with health/hygiene workshops.

Why is SHE needed?

We have come a long way in gender equality - but there are still millions of women around the world suffering from injustice due to their gender. Gender equality issues are exacerbated by poverty, war and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. The statistics of such are staggering, the UN reports that:

  • women account for 60% of the world's chronically hungry & impoverished
  • females make up two thirds of the worlds 796 million illiterate
  • 1 in 5 women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence - yet 49 countries still don't have laws that specifically protect women from such violence

Why does SHE need you?

Your contribution can help make a difference. Our work is made possible by the time and money donated by others.
You can support our women around the world by:

  • Donating towards our SHE initiatives
  • Volunteering with us & sharing your ideas
  • Spreading awareness
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