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Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Who are the Rohingya people?

The Rohingya are a Muslim Indo-Aryan ethnic minority originating from the state of Rakhine in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

The Rohingya have their own language and culture which is distinct to the other ethnic groups in Myanmar.

The Rohingya however, are denied citizenship by the Government of Myanmar, citing that they are Bangladeshi settlers. Ultimately, the Rohingya have become a stateless people.

Ausrelief Rohingya Crisis

What is the Rohingya Refugee Crisis?

The Rohingya have for many years been violently persecuted by their own Government and the United Nations has repeatedly declared the Rohingya as one of the most persecuted people in the World.

The UN has also reported that the Rohingya are experiencing the most extreme levels of ethnic cleansing they have witnessed in the 21st century.

The Rohingya people continue to be persecuted to this day, and the continuous persecution has become more serious in late August 2017.

Recently, the violent crackdown by the Myanmar army has forced more and more Rohingya to flee the country, both by land and sea.

Indeed, since August, a total of 500,000 Rohingya have fled the country in search of safety, with most of the refugees being women and young children.

Ausrelief Helping With Rohingya Refugee Crisis

What you can do to help the Rohingya crisis?

The biggest issues faced by the Rohingya refugees are the lack of food, clean water, safe places to live, and medical assistance. Also, as a result of the time spent on the run and in refugee camps, many of their children also lack proper hygiene and education.

AusRelief’s efforts in helping Rohingya Refugees

AusRelief is a not for profit organisation and charity that seeks to help asylum seekers and refugees across the globe.

AusRelief has helped the Rohingya refugee crisis by donating food, water, tents, hygiene and medical care and assistance.

We are seeking your help.

Find out what you can do today - every little bit helps.

Your donations will aid the Rohingya with food, water, hygiene packs, blankets, tents, medical card and attention as well as other basic necessities. Ultimately, we want to give them (and especially the children) some semblance of normalcy to the lives of these persecuted people.

To find out more about how you can help the Rohingya crisis, contact us for further information.