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This Ramadan will look very different for so many Muslims, so our goal is to do everything we can to ease their burdens, help keep the faith, and inspire hope for all, young and old.

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Through meaningful charity, Zakat is the promise that the good you give to the world will be returned to you as a reward and blessing. To be generous is a true gift and privilege, work out your Zakat this Ramadan.

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AusRelief is dedicated to alleviating poverty, sickness and under-development using intelligent short and long-term self-sustainable solutions.

With the help of our donors and supporters, we assist thousands of people every year by helping them build educated, productive, secure, just and self-sustainable communities.

This Ramadan, we will deliver urgent aid to 11 different countries, supply 50,000 container homes to those left homeless in Türkiye, continue our global medical efforts, provide Ramadan food packs and Iftar meals, and provide children with stationary and clothing and toys for Eid.

Our Reach

Australia | Cambodia | Bangladesh (ROHINYA REFUGEE CAMPS)

Djibouti (YEMENI REFUGEES) | Gaza | Lebanon


Yemen | Türkiye | Syria

Syria camps 044 A0229
63 23
Syria 43

Multiple your rewards this Ramadan

Join AusRelief as we work on making a difference across borders to those in need. With your generous donations, we'll be there for every moment, and in doing so, we'll be inspiring generations to hope.