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As the time for Qurban is upon us, we invite you to be part of a noble endeavour that embodies the spirit of selflessness and compassion. At AR, we will perform Qurban on your behalf. Bring joy and nourishment to communities who need it most.

Performing good deeds during the month of Dhul Hijjah holds numerous rewards.

  1. Good deeds performed during Dhul Hijjah are believed to carry greater blessings compared to other times of the year.
  2. Engaging in acts of worship (such as charity) during Dhul Hijjah can bring individuals closer to Allah (SWT) and strengthen their spiritual connection.
  3. Good deeds performed in Dhul Hijjah are often multiplied in their rewards, signifying a great opportunity for spiritual growth and attainment.
  4. Engaging in righteous acts during this sacred month will result in an elevated status and increased ranks in the sight of Allah.

Your generosity will enable us to reach out to underserved communities, providing them with the support they desperately need. With your donation, we can transform lives and make a significant difference in the world.

By embracing the true essence of sacrifice, you have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will inspire and uplift others.

Together, we can forge a path of compassion, generosity, and legacy.