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Low Cost Housing

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Low Cost Housing

We have seen first hand some of the dire housing conditions some people in remote communities have to endure throughout the poorest regions in the world.

Early on, we got together and pooled funds to build shelters. Now, with a dedicated team of contractors, and with your continued support, we are making lives much more comfortable for those that need it most.

Initially, our aim was to ensure the provision of sturdy and sustainable shelter. Later, it evolved into providing a place that can be regarded as a home for generations to come. Such permanent homes built as community developments are wholly owned by us and a very small fee is collected from the occupant as rent. That rent is used on community and village development, including the development of short term needs such as a water wells, solar panelling, lighting systems, and long term needs such as schools, community halls and places of worship.

Naturally, we ensure that the housing developments are quick to build, safe to inhabit, strong enough to endure the environmental conditions for the particular area, address the cultural needs of the community and can be built for a price that is feasible.