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Local initiatives

Indigenous Australia

Despite several government initiatives and interventions into the Indigenous community, the great disparity of health outcomes, quality of life and life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians still remains.

By partnering with existing organisations, AusRelief’s Indigenous relief program aims to address the Indigenous community’s most crucial needs including health, food and education, whilst encouraging consciousness about the plights of the Indigenous community.

Family Wellbeing Unit

AusRelief is a proud sponsor of The Family Wellbeing Unit (FWBU) - an early intervention program aimed at remedying communication breakdowns in family settings as well as case managing families post-service delivery.

Through early intervention programs such as Family Mediation, Parenting and Youth workshops, the FWBU aims to equip families with resources that will allow them to feel safe in seeking help, to foster family resilience and to see the fruits of upholding the ties of Kinship.

By donating to the FWBU you are helping to save a family.

Emergency Support

In times of crisis, we support individuals, families and the less fortunate by providing financial support or resources. Some of these local emergency appeals have included:

  1. Family hardship relief - In June 2015, a widowed family of 10 approached AusRelief regarding her dire financial situation. Ultimately, we provided the family with financial assistance and some necessary home appliances. We also covered the expenses of the family’s medical bills.
  2. Little Humaira - When 9 month old Humaira travelled here on holidays with her family from Fiji. The holiday was short lived for soon after her arrival, she was rushed to hospital. There she was diagnosed with a rare incurable genetic disease called Gangliosidosis. A rare disease with no cure. The case of Humaira was presented to AusRelief in June 2016. Humaira’s terminal illness required payment of a palliative care and pain management bill to Sydney Children’s Hospital which totalled to $80,582. Within the first night after Humaira’s case was bought to the AusRelief Board, $10,000 was raised to alleviate Humaira’s family’s costs. Since then, through private donors and AusRelief’s social media campaign, the Sydney Children’s Hospital bill had been paid in full and all by November 2016, relieving the grieving family of their debt.

Fund Raising for Others

We are community conscience and are heavily involved in the local community. We not only support the local community by sponsoring local initiatives (particularly those aimed at alleviating the struggles of those less fortunate) but also play a big role in empowering people. Over the years, we have sponsored several programs and are continuously looking for new and innovative projects to support. Some of these programs have included:

  1. Youth Programs - AusRelief have been invited to sponsor programs which equip the local community with the necessary tools for further development, specifically educational programs. Youth programs such as these have included the support of a local Australian youth program aimed at informing young boys about their personal development and well-being.
  2. MS Walk + Fun Run - is an annual event aimed at raising funds and awareness required to provide the support and services for those suffering from multiple sclerosis. AusRelief have sponsored our volunteers to partake in this and raise money for the vital cause.
  3. City to Surf Fun Run - is another annual event which we have participated in.
  4. Tumut Cycle Classic - is an annual cycling event which takes place in Tumut, approximately 385km south west of Sydney. In the past, $3,000 has been raised for the purchase of an oxygen saturation machine and two pediatric stethoscopes for the Local Tumut Hospital. In 2017, and as a key sponsor, we helped raise $20,000 to purchase 8 new mobile hospital electronic beds for the Local Hospital.
  5. Oxfam Australia Trailwalker - is an annual team challenge where participants trek 100km in 48 hours. AusRelief will be participating in this event. Watch this space for updates.