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Heal the Sick

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Heal the Sick

Our Heal the Sick medical teamprovides medical aid for those most in need.

Currently, we havethree medical clinics. One in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; one on the rural outskirts of Phnom Penh and another in Tripoli, Lebanon. The aim of which is to improve accessibility to healthcare so that even the most disadvantaged can afford health care.

The Centre's operateon a 'partly' to 'fully' subsided basis, depending on the needs of the patient. More to the point, patients are assessed on their ability to pay and withyour generous contributions, our doctors provide medical care andattention to those that would not ordinarily be able to afford such treatment.

We also operatemultiple medical treatment campaigns, where we have Australian practitioners on circuit treating patients throughout the rural parts of Cambodia.

In the last 12 months, we have been ableto provide access to health care to approximately 3000 patients. The resultbeing the distribution of 4890 different medications and the operation of 74 minorsurgical procedures to those who could never afford to visit a doctor.

Another goal of ours is to bridgethe gap between rural and metropolitan health care. This has been achieved byestablishing a referral system that links both health services together to helpenhance accessibility to all patients. By creating this link we are able tospread awareness on the existence of these services to an array of people andalso encourage patients to keep track of their health status.

With your continuedsupport, our highly qualified medical professionals will be able to continue toprovide adequate health services now and for future generations. Such measuressupports our community development approach by not only improving health butalso improving standards of living.