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AusRelief x Arise

AusRelief is proud to announce that it has partnered with Arise, a platform where disadvantaged women access their full potential to live without limitations.

Arise is a non-profit organisation focused on the empowerment of economic abuse survivors through financial freedom. It provides no-interest loans and other financial support services to assist women to become employment-ready or embark on their own start-up ventures. Their vision is to help create pathways towards a secure, sustainable future for economic and financial abuse survivors in Australia.

Arise is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of survivors through no-interest loans, job placements, facilitating and upskilling programs, professional networking, and legal and psychological counseling. They work to build a community of resilient women on the path to sustainable financial independence.

Arise is a women-owned business, founded by Tasnia Alam Hannan and Fariha Chowdhury. Between them, Tasnia and Fariha share close to 25 years of cumulative experience in finance and have worked in both the public and private sectors across various vibrant industries and multinational companies.

At the heart of Arise Foundation is Tasnia’s desire to create awareness of the invisible impacts of financial abuse and provide financial freedom to those considered ‘unbankable’ by the system, and Fariha’s vision to create a mechanism by which financial-abuse survivors have access to the tools necessary to get back on their feet and be a part of their communities.

Arise will provide a holistic wraparound service for economic-abuse survivors:

- Economic security through microfinancing

- Empowerment through education and job-placement

- Confidence-building through counseling

- Support through networking opportunities