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Rohingya children deprived of basic education

15th March 2018

The Rohingya are also known as a Muslim minority in Myanmar - they are suffering treacherous, deathly conditions and the fight for their rights are becoming more and more prevalent as limelight is being shone on the issue at hand.

As seen in the public eye, the magnitude of the Rohingya refugee crisis is worsening by day. Tensions between the predominantly Buddhist population and the Muslim-minority is rapidly escalating, and urgent help is needed.

With the influx of these refugees, inadequate resources are being provided to extract these refugees from their dire situations. In the current status quo, the scale of refugees being displaced has far exceeded the funds allocated to provide sufficient relief.

It is extremely vital for these refugees to be given basic education. Without access to proper education, we are practically leaving them with no sense of hope for the future.

Only a steep percentage of 5% are provided with education.

Education is classified as a fundamental human right that all individuals are entitled to no matter the race, color, or gender. With the fast-growing numbers of refugees present today, only a steep percentage of 5% are provided with education.

Even with education being one of the most prominent aspects funding should be directed to, it appears that ‘less than 2 percent of funding are directed to the refugee camps for Rohingya refugees.” according to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Education establishes a sense of rehabilitation for refugees to slowly but surely integrate back into society. The accessibility of education is a requisite not only for individuals to expand their knowledge, but also more about having the ability to connect with their peers and build their self-confidence.

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