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Human Rights Violations in Israel's Occupation of Palestine

8th June 2018

Since the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians began in the mid-20th century, there have been many cases of human rights violations along the Mediterranean coasts of Western Asia, including the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Millions of Palestinians are living in miserable conditions, with reports of deaths escalating since the civil war began in 1948.

At least four categories of human rights violations occurred while both parties are fighting over the lands. Civilians are mistreated, abused and killed during the war. For example, the border restrictions in Gaza imposed by Israel limits the supply of goods and electricity, restricting access and freedom of movement. Lethal practices were carried out in the name of national security - some of them include rocket attacks, explosives attacks, and shootings.

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Here are some examples of human rights violations that occurred in the 50 years of occupation by Israel.

War crimes and unlawful killings

Israeli troops are guilty of taking many lives of Palestinian civilians.

In just the last three Gaza conflicts in 2008, 2012, and 2014, the Israeli army has killed over 2,000 Palestinian civilians. These attacks violate international humanitarian law because of the excessive use of force. Israeli troops have taken the lives of many innocent civilians, including that of a female 21 year-old paramedic who was a field partner of ours recently.

In 2000, rubber bullets were utilised as a crowd-control weapon in Israel and Jerusalem. Reports revealed the consequent murder of 12 Palestinian citizens in Israel. Since then, rubber bullets were replaced with sponge-tipped plastic bullets, but troops in the West Bank continue to use rubber bullets, despite its recent ban in Jerusalem and Israel.

In the last three Gaza conflicts, the Israeli army has killed over 2,000 Palestinian civilians.

Forced displacements and demolitions

At the West Bank and the East Jerusalem, Israeli authorities have evicted hundreds of Palestinians from their homes. Permits to build houses remain virtually impossible for Palestinians to obtain, leaving many Palestinians homeless.For decades, Palestinian properties are demolished - including 423 homes, structures, and Bedouin villages. The civilians are forced to vacate their homes, which were replaced by Jewish communities.

No freedom of movement

11 years have passed since Israel and Egypt's blockade of the air, sea, and land along the Gaza strip. With no access to electricity, supplies, and clean water, the Palestine population in the area are suffering the consequences. The Palestinian economy has also collapsed as a result of this border restriction.

Israeli has enforced military checkpoints and firing zones within the West Bank. Civilians in need of healthcare and other life saving supplies are not able to access help from international charities in a timely manner due to restrictions and delays by Israeli authorities in processing referrals.

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Unfettered violence

There are many complaints filed against Israeli soldiers for torturing detainees, including children. Beatings, slapping, and painful shackling are some of the methods used by the Israeli troops during interrogation and arrest.

Unfortunately, there are no ongoing criminal investigations regarding this issue. Despite glaring evidences, the Israeli High Court of Justice refuses to bring the perpetrators to court.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the horrors in Gaza

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