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Support Muslim Dental Student

By Amor Arja

Support Muslim Dental Student

Raised of $50,000.00
This fundraiser started at 5:35 PM, 23rd June AEST and will end at 12:00 AM, 31st July AEST

Unfortunately as I was offered a Full-Fee Paying (FFP) position in dentistry I am required to pay for the last 3 semesters (1.5 years) of the degree myself, and cannot use HECS-HELP. These 3 semesters total to approximately $105,000 with around $35, 000 due at the beginning of each semester.

I have been juggling 5 days a week of study whilst working as a support worker on both days of the weekend to keep up with the financial demands of my degree. Besides the fees, my spending money for the degree alone account for the majority, if not all of my spending money.

Hence, because of this and the fact that I do not want to deal with interest I have found myself unable to cover the finances of this degree. As well as this, my parents have helped as much as they can and no longer have the funds to contribute. I appreciate all their help and would hate for it all to go to waste if I am unable to continue with this degree.

I plan on giving back to the community once I am more established inshAllah. Specifically, I am working with my current employer at Enaya/ JobsRUs to establish a more streamline approach to treating patients with intellectual and physical disabilities. This would entail up-skilling dentists to allow them to treat patients with special needs with patience and care.

I would also love to treat patients on the weekends with more financial difficulties – in general creating financial payment plans and offering discounted treatments to families and children in need.

I would also love to be a mentor to young dentists in training as this is something that I know both myself and my peers appreciate so much from established dentists.

This is how I plan on giving back when I am in a position of stability. I would appreciate any help and support.

Thank you.



Amor Arja

My name is Amor Arja and I am currently a third-year dental student at The University of Sydney, Australia. I am a 24 year old Lebanese Muslim girl from Punchbowl, Sydney. I have come to a crossroad with the financial needs of my postgraduate degree and am looking for support from the community to help me continue with my dream career.

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