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Oz Outlet Lebanon Fundraiser

By Alex and the team from Oz Outlet

Oz Outlet Lebanon Fundraiser

Raised of $5,000.00
This fundraiser started at 9:57 AM, 13th August AEST and will end at 7:30 PM, 12th September AEST

This fundraiser is brought to you by Oz Outlet. Please follow @ozoutletsale on Instagram and Alex and his team will donate $10 to AusRelief Beirut Crisis Appeal for every follower.

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Alex and the team from Oz Outlet

Follow Oz Outlet on Instagram and Alex will donate $10 directly to support the Beirut Crisis Appeal through AusRelief @ozoutletsale @ausreliefOZ OULET REDYARD AUBURN100 PARRAMATTA RD AUBURNOZOUTLET.COM.AU

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Oz Outlet Fundraiser Capaign Awad
3 years ago
Day One 47 New Campaign $470 Day One 47 New Campaign $470
3 years ago
Mariana Chahine
3 years ago
Oz Outlet Team Redyard Auburn
3 years ago