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NDIS Family Support

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NDIS Family Support

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This fundraiser started at 10:53 AM, 28th July AEST and will end at 12:00 AM, 31st December AEDT

All donations raised through the campaign would go towards supporting families with a disability to access:

Therapeutic support such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and behaviour support.

Accessing functional assessments - this enables families to determine the impact that their disability has on their daily life. A functional assessment significantly assists with advocating for the funding they require to access the support they need.

Accessing opportunities to engage in positive social interactions within the community. Given family situations and the intensity of people's disabilities they are often also unable to access opportunities within the community that children/adults their age typically would (parks, swimming pools, bike riding, picnics, barbecues, etc). This leads to isolation and feelings of loneliness which again would be exacerbated during circumstances such as COVID (given they would often also be unable to keep in touch with peers through platforms such as social media). Donations would allow them to access supported community access which will allow them to access many opportunities they would otherwise be unable.

Parent Training. Donated supports can be used to develop therapeutic programs that will support a parent facilitating their child’s progress in therapy. It will also include providing counselling and wellbeing checks with families and advocating for additional supports the family may require.

Donated supports would significantly alleviate the pressure on families with children with a disability, and would afford clinicians the time and funding required to advocate for support that will assist them in the long term.



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