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Knowledge is Power

By The EID Tree

Knowledge is Power

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Donate to Education for Kids in Need

In support of AusRelief, The Eid Tree is raising funds to provide educational support and resources to impoverished communities.

One of the biggest contributors to global poverty is the lack of access to education. Our aim is to support the children of today in a world where every child should have the right to a free education.

If you value education like we do and want to do something truly phenomenal and help us change the lives of millions of children around the world, please put towards this mission.

Education is one of the most important routes out of extreme poverty.

Your donation will support us to provide the needy children with the following:

  • renovated classrooms, libraries and important facilities;
  • improving access to hygienic toilets and clean drinking water;
  • creating a safe and engaging environment for children;
  • funding educational resources.

Your donation will help change the lives of orphan kids in communities that are in desperate need of attention.

May we remember those in need and give to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

From us to you,

Embrace with open heart,

Inspire with impressive attitude, whilst we

Distribute pleasure to all .



The EID Tree

The Eid Tree aims to provide people around the world with a handmade Eid Tree that is inspired by the Islamic symbol, the star and crescent. The Eid Tree Company will make a donation from every tree sold which will help with education, wellbeing and aid sustainable resources to those in desperate need.

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