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Haidar’s Fundraiser for the Children of Gaza

By Haidar

Haidar’s Fundraiser for the Children of Gaza

Raised of $10,000.00
This fundraiser started at 12:41 PM, 15th January AEDT and will end at 12:00 AM, 13th November AEDT

Hi Everyone,

I’m Haidar, a Lebanese Australian High School Student, I am honoured to collaborate with AusRelief in our mission to raise essential funds for the children of Gaza.

The situation in Palestine is devastating, and it demands our urgent attention now!

Your contributions will directly address the critical needs of these children, providing emergency medical assistance, basic necessities, food and access to clean water.

Let's stand united against the injustice unfolding in Gaza; every donation is a powerful statement against the hardships they endure.

Your support in this campaign is sincerely appreciated. Together we can make a difference and save the children of gaza.

Many thanks,




Director of Media Master | High School Student

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