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Far North Akar Villages Qurban

By Manel Darwiche and Ahmad Darwiche

Far North Akar Villages Qurban

Raised of $30,000.00
This fundraiser started at 2:13 PM, 23rd June AEST and will end at 12:00 AM, 31st July AEST


These villages have not received any support from any Charity or Government officials to date

I have been working for the past 3 years just to provide these areas with some support

These villages are very poor and don’t even have enough funds to raise any crops to feed their community

These villages on the border of Lebanon and Syria and were always hit in the crossfire of the Syrian war.

The land in which they used to grow the crops for wheat is a no go zone due to the war in Syria. Gunshots and Bombs hit this area if they are at war in Syria. The community fear going into these areas to even check on their lands

Most of the community used to go to Beirut for work but due to the country's ongoing economic issues and the dollar value against the lira being nothing the money they earn is not even enough to feed their families.

They have 1 hour electricity a day and no money for diesel to even run the left over generators.

We have been blessed in life to come to Australia and have built a future for my family

We want to give back to the community of my origins and where ever we can help

We are a hard-working basic family who are always ready to help other who are less fortunate

We have been trying to raise awareness and funds from my family/ friends and cliental base for the past 3 years

People who have supported us are hard-working families with the same outlook on life. Trying to help others who are less fortunate and want to also give back to the communities when possible.

We want to create awareness around these villages in the Far North of Lebanon, who don’t have much and don’t have any relatives outside to support these families in hardships unlike other areas in Lebanon.



Manel Darwiche and Ahmad Darwiche

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