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Emergency Essential Packs

By AusRelief

Emergency Essential Packs

Raised of $8,000.00
This fundraiser started at 2:48 PM, 14th April AEST and will end at 12:00 PM, 31st December AEDT

AusRelief is providing emergency essential relief packs to struggling families. Though there are restrictions to movement and lockdown laws, we are still committed to ensuring Australian families are being taken care of and have essential grocery items to help feed their families.

The one-off relief packages will be provided at no cost to eligible recipients. The relief packages are designed to provide essential items for two weeks and vary in quantity depending on size of household and circumstance.

This link is for schools that would like to order boxes for struggling families in their school network (at a reduced price of $80.

All orders must be picked up from our warehouse.

You will be contacted with the details once your order has been processed.




The coronavirus COVID-19 has affected 195 countries and territories around the world, however individual actions can have an incredible impact on this global pandemic. In this time of self-isolation and social distancing, it’s important to find a way to support each other and remember that we are still a community.

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