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Burn Fitness Ramadan Lebanon Support

By Burn Fitness Ladies Only

Burn Fitness Ramadan Lebanon Support

Raised of $5,000.00
This fundraiser started at 1:11 PM, 6th April AEST and will end at 12:00 AM, 31st May AEST

Burn Fitness is supporting AusRelief once again this Ramadan to raise funds for Lebanon!

All donations will go towards:

  • Food packs providing essential food items to families in need.
  • Hot meals served daily to families in need.

Burn Fitness is offering a 50% discount on joining fees and all fees will go towards our Lebanon fundraiser. This offer ends 11 April.

We encourage all our wonderful clients, supporters & friends to donate to this cause to help alleviate the suffering in Lebanon.

Families cannot afford food or medicine. With escalated conflict in Ukraine (where 90% of Lebanon's wheat & oil come from), food shortages are even more severe. Families do not have enough to sustain themselves and rely heavily on the aid you can provide.



Burn Fitness Ladies Only
Ramadan Special $40 Joining fee going to AusRelief

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