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Amira's Fundraiser

By Amira OzOutlet

Amira's Fundraiser

Raised of $5,000.00
This fundraiser started at 5:09 PM, 29th April AEST and will end at 12:00 AM, 30th May AEST

Meet Amira.

With the support of her loving family, Amira has a stand within the OzOutlet store located at Redyard in Auburn. Her stand offers a variety of "hot picks" which she promotes independently. Amira contacted AusRelief and decided that she would like to share half of the profits from her sales with the needy. Amira is an aspiring young lady with a heart of pure gold. Get behind Amira's dream and support her campaign.



Amira OzOutlet
Amira is a delightful and motivated 10 year old girl. She is committed to raising money for those who need it most.

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