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Zainab Ebrahim

Zainab Ebrahim

Project Coordinator & Donor Communication

Zainab is an interior architecture graduate. She is the newest member of our team and helps coordinate our projects in Australia and abroad. Zainab is passionate about design and architecture and hopes to incorporate sustainable and ethical living into our future projects.

Her degree translates to people-focused architecture which has taught her to think outside the box and ensure spaces work for people and not against them. She hopes to help expand AusRelief's global reach, focusing on parts of the world that don’t get as much attention but are in dire need of assistance.

Before her time with AusRelief, Zainab dabbled in humanitarian aid during her time at university by travelling to Indonesia to learn about sustainable and cost-effective building. In her time there, she had first hand experience with disadvantaged families who lived in spaces smaller than most people bedrooms here in Australia. That gave her a sound understanding of the aid that is required in the world.

Zainab’s personal interests lie in animal care and bringing awareness to injustice against species’ that cant speak out for themselves. She is an avid animal lover and cares for a bunny named Peanut and a parrot named Cookie which may be the most spoilt animals we at AusRelief have come across!