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Omar Saadi

Omar Saadi

Health & Wellbeing

With over 14 years of experience in the health, fitness and well-being sector, Omar’s deep understanding of the industry has seen him start relative businesses in accordance with the industry. His education and industry knowledge stems from his career as a former professional football player, a qualified master trainer and a diploma in wellness coaching.

His passion for sustainable change is evident as he started a corporate boutique health studio in the Sydney CBD, and in recent years co-found Get The Kids Fit and Get-Moving, a company that is now involved with various schools across the state, community centres, corporate companies and organisations that cater for people with special needs.

Over the years, Omar has shifted from the corporate sector to the community. He has helped companies change philosophies, environment and motivation for staff well-being over time, and individuals with life changing transformations. His passion for giving back and “creating memories” has seen him take programs overseas in countries less fortunate, his belief that 'kids deserve to have fun and fond memories outside' has been the motivation for his journey and work.

‘Let’s create a memory that the child deserves and will never forget’