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Cheryne El Hawat

Cheryne El Hawat

Chief Operating Officer

LLB, BSc-Psych (UNSW)

Cheryne guides the team to develop and deliver projects to uplift disadvantaged communities around the world. She joined AusRelief in 2018 as a budding lawyer looking to volunteer her time and skills. Working in criminal defence law, her career trajectory was set, but she soon realised that she wanted to use her knowledge and skills in a more creative and direct way to support the underprivileged.

Cheryne has travelled with AusRelief to impoverished villages and refugee camps around the world - allowing her to refine her outlook and approach to humanitarian aid. She is dedicated to amplifying the voice of the beneficiary and believes humanitarian relief efforts cannot succeed without the input of the communities they aim to relieve. She is passionate about creating smart & sustainable solutions, knowing that these create a ripple effect of change and will uplift generations to come.

Cheryne has a democratic approach to management, believing that collaboration and communication encourage creativity and allow her to mine the greatest ideas & skills from the team.