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Our Co-founders Tom Zreika and Walid Ayad...

Our Co-founders Tom Zreika and Walid Ayad travelled to Christchurch today to pay their respects to the families of the victims and stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand.

Both Tom and Walid spoke with Clive Myrie of the BBC News.

‘Much love and respect to the people of New Zealand and especially their leader. The sympathy, compassion and even professionalism shown towards this grieving community was on another level - all class’, Tom said.

‘Today I stood 60m away from where one man tried to break humanity's good will. Today I saw a nation of people defy him. New Zealand and its people are a great nation who did not flinch,’ Wally said.

’I want to thank our disaster relief chaplain, Ahmed Kilani for his tireless efforts with victims and their families over the last week - we couldn’t have done it without him’ Tom said.

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Our Co-founders Tom Zreika and Walid Ayad...
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