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We are currently delivering our very heavy ‘Feed...

We are currently delivering our very heavy ‘Feed the Needy’ packs to Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Also, we have 7 teams setting out in the next week to deliver packs in Bangladesh (to Rohingya refugees), Cambodia, Egypt, Lebanon and Nigeria.

The more funding we get now, the bigger our reach and the more needy we can support - both here and abroad.

For only $50, you can support a family for the whole month of Ramadan.

Incidentally, our 30kg Turkey Feed the Needy pack contains:

1. 2 kg beans
2. 2 kg lentils
3. pack of helvah
4. 2 kg sugar
5. 2 kg flour
6. 2 kg bulgur
7. 2 kg bulgur Adana style
8. 2 kg table salt
9. 2 packs of spaghetti
10. 2 packs of rice noodle
11. 2 litres of sunflower oil
12. 1 kg calamatta olives
13. 1 bottle of shampoo
14. 1 x 6 pack of soap
15. 2 kg brown rice
16. 2 kg white rice
17. 1 pack sanitary pads
18. 1 pack of water (24 bottles)

Other work:

With your generous assistance, we can do more.

✔AUD 1,000 // Purchase Tents
You can provide a safe and private space for refugee families to sleep in.

✔AUD 180 // Emergency Refugee Pack
You can donate an emergency pack containing basic hygiene products and food consisting mainly of non-perishable items.

✔AUD 50 // Refugee Food Parcel
You can sustain a refugee family with a food parcel that will last a month.

✔AUD 80 // Clean Water
You can support the installation of water purification systems and other clean drinking water solutions.

We invite you to make your 100% tax-deductible contribution by:

We are currently delivering our very heavy ‘Feed...
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