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Please watch and share the trailer of our 'Feed the Needy Syrians - Turkey June 2017' mission. The full series documenting the entire tour will be posted very shortly.

Some highlights from the assignment include the distribution of 1000 very generous Feed the Needy packs to refugees across 5 non-Government serviced camps in Adana; and the installation of purpose built tents.

To give you some perspective, that's:
1. 37 tonnes of food
2. 7,000 refugees fed for a month
3. 24,000 bottles of water
4. 10 volunteers working around the clock for 2 weeks to pack the boxes and to distribute
5. 6 semi-trailers booked
6. 1 month of logistics operations
Syrian refugees are living on scraps in mosquito infested, sewerage ridden bogs. The smell is unimaginable and little wonder the children are suffering from diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery, Malaria etc. All these ills can be treated and indeed prevented with clean water, proper sanitation and food aid.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement. The refugees we have supported have (for the past 5 years) received minimal assistance from the Federal Government or from the United Nations.

The local Turkish Baladiya or 'Council' has given assistance, such as laying gravel along walking paths in an attempt to prevent muddy bogs.

Each $35 Feed the Needy pack contained:
1. 2 kg beans
2. 2 kg lentils
3. 2 kg rice
4. 2 kg sugar
5. 2 kg flour
6. 2 kg bulgur
7. 2 kg bulgur Adana style
8. 2 kg table salt
9. 2 pasta
10. 2 noodle
11. 2 litres of oil
12. 1 kg calamatta olives
13. 1 bottle of shampoo
14. 1 pack of soap
15. 1 pack of helvah
16. 1 pack of diapers (24 piece)
17. 1 package sanitary napkin
18. 1 pack of water (24 bottles)

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Please watch and share the trailer...
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