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These refugee kids are inseparable. They...

These refugee kids are inseparable. They eventually warmed up to us after a full day of food distribution.

Your donation helps AusRelief improve millions of lives worldwide. Here are some ways you can help:

✔️AUD 1,000 // Purchase Tents
You can provide a safe and private space for refugee families to sleep in.

✔️AUD 180 // Emergency Refugee Pack
You can donate an emergency pack containing basic hygiene products and food consisting mainly of non-perishable items.

✔️AUD 50 // Refugee Food Parcel
You can sustain a refugee family with a food parcel that will last a month.

✔️AUD 80 // Clean Water
You can support the installation of water purification systems and other clean drinking water solutions.

We invite you to make your 100% tax deductible contribution by:

These refugee kids are inseparable. They...
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