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Central Sulawesi Field Operations Team Update...

Central Sulawesi Field Operations Team Update (12pm 7/10/18)

1. 1,649 dead;
2. 2,550 seriously injured;
3. 265 still missing;
4. 67,000 houses damaged;
5. 62,400 people displaced;
6. 2,700 schools destroyed;
7. No fresh water facilities.

Humanitarian Efforts

Current priorities are for:
1. evacuation, search and rescue;
2. medical support, field hospitals and management of dead bodies;
3. logistics distribution and distribution of food;
4. infrastructure recovery including roads, electricity, harbours, airports and telecommunication; fuel supplies;
5. 8,223 search and rescue personnel deployed including 6,338 from Indonesian military, 1,560 from civilians/volunteers, 325 foreign militaries (including Australian Defence Force);
6. Other resources include military assets, naval ships, helicopters and aircraft;
7. 9 hospitals, 1 field hospitals and 4 naval hospital ships are providing health services;
8. Clean water is still limited, and hazardous and toxic waste-processing facilities are unavailable due to lack of electricity;
9. 14 public kitchens are operating with capacity of providing food up to 56,000 packages/day; and
10. 50,000 metric tonnes of rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour and meat available near the disaster area.

Yayasan AusRelief

Although, foreign NGOs and charities are not allowed to go directly to the field, given our Indonesian registration as an NGO (Yayasan), we have not had any difficulty.

Our team is now on the ground to help with the efforts.
This appeal is aiming to raise $150,000 to support the injured and the needy.
Please donate today, by:
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Central Sulawesi Field Operations Team Update...
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