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AusRelief – A Brand of Integrity, Transparency...

AusRelief – A Brand of Integrity, Transparency and Excellence.

In 5 years, we have built an organisation that’s servicing 1,000,000’s; an organisation that has 12 field offices, and 200 field operators, worldwide. This success did not happen overnight, and it most certainly did not come about because we are followers.

On the contrary, we say to the sceptics - For you is your way, and for us is our way…

All our costs are covered by corporate sponsors, so that the burden of running the organisation is not ultimately paid for by the beneficiary – the needy. This includes the recent Gala event, which was generously covered by Cor Cordis.

We are indebted to all our partners and sponsors including Coles, CityFord, 511Tactical, Cor Cordis, Alliance Project Group, Industrial Zone, Onyx Plumbing, Tax Factor, Blooms the Chemist, iMed, Western Sydney Wolves, Mortgage Providers, Sterling Legal and others for their continued support.

We pride our self on our corporate culture, ethos and our strict internal standards. Our beneficiaries depend on us and we will always provide them with assistance (so long as resources permit) while simultaneously affording them with the utmost levels of dignity. Remember, if we don’t look after the orphan, or the hungry, or the refugee, or the oppressed, or the widow, or the sick or disabled, who will?

We all have the gift to unite and shift circumstance by joining forces for a greater good.

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AusRelief – A Brand of Integrity, Transparency...
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