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Feed the Needy - Cambodia Campaign May/June 2019

By Abraham Abi Oula

Feed the Needy - Cambodia Campaign May/June 2019

Raised of $2,500.00
This fundraiser started at 8:30 AM, 17th May AEST and will end at 10:00 AM, 7th June AEST

Living in Australia, one can only be grateful for all that we have. Cambodia on the other hand, is a country less fortunate. Communities living below the poverty line, with little to nothing to eat, or even clean water and sanitation.

As part of the Cambodia May/ June 2019 Campaign, I’ve been honoured to accompany the AusRelief team to help distribute supplies to those communities in need, as well as giving my assistance with the orphanage.

Please pledge your support by donating to help assist

* food parcels for communities in need

* education for children and orphans

* basic medical supplies



Abraham Abi Oula

Managing director of ElectroCom United, I have been blessed to experience many cultures.

Born and raised in Lebanon, studied and educated in France/Switzerland, migrated to Australia, settled and created own business.

I’m honoured in being able to assist AusRelief on their latest campaign - Cambodia May/June 2019. I hope that I will be able to assist with my knowledge and experience to help make a change for those in need.

Please pledge your support to Feed the Needy and support orphans in Cambodia.

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