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What We Do

We emphasise the importance of education, infrastructure and self-sustainability as critical to the development of productive and educated communities.

Our aim is to assist the needy and less fortunate by helping people build educated, productive, secure, just and self sustainable communities

Building self-sustainable communities is a focal point in our aid program. Through generous donations, we have been able to build various agricultural opportunities for these disadvantaged communities such as:

  1. Land for vegetable growth
  2. Rice paddies
  3. Poultry farms
  4. Livestock breeding programs, and
  5. Fish farms

Some of our projects include the building of infrastructure, such as water-pumping stations, water wells, schools and dormitories. This together with our 'One Sponsor-One Orphan' program and the 'Education Sponsorship' program creates opportunities for the most vulnerable children in these communities to gain an education and assist them to break-out of the poverty cycle.

We also take the time to teach local residents how to run and manage these income-generating projects and in doing so, we have provided long-term solutions for these poverty- stricken communities.

We focus on giving people the skills and resources to become fisherman instead of just handing the fish to them whole.